Friday, December 5, 2014



What do you long for? Do you long for a boyfriend? A husband?  Do you long for a child? A best friend?

Some of you long for your own home. You long for a dream to come true.

Longings can grow too big in our hearts. They can expand beyond what they should be.

They can consume us.

A commercial can make us long for something that we didn’t even know we wanted before we watched its advertisement. They know how to ‘sell’ to our feelings. Whether it’ s loneliness, fear, insecurity, or ambition. An advertiser knows how to activate those moods and feelings, creating a longing in us for that ‘thing’ they want us to buy.

So does satan. He is good at ‘selling’ the idea to us that we are not complete if we don’t have a guy or gal on our arm. If we are single, something must be wrong with us. He loves to remind us of what we DON’T have – whether that’s a child, a home, a job, or a spouse. And in doing so, we start feeling depressed, discouraged, frustrated, and alone.

It’s ok to have wants, wishes, and dreams in our life. It’s okay to have passion for something that you feel you were called to do, live, or be. But make sure that the longings of your heart don’t enlarge to the point that they overtake the rest of the life you’ve been given. That you don’t forget the other blessings you have and the other gifts God has graced before you.

For they are there. They exist.

I pray that the longings of your heart will some day become a reality for you. I hope you will feel the great joy and bliss that I know comes with answered prayer. I LONG for you to understand what it means and how it feels to be so greatly loved by the Lord, that you see how He has perfectly woven together that complete and perfect-for-you answer to your heart’s pleas.

But in the meantime, I pray that you will still feel your heart beat and pound and live to the fullest extent that you can, to experience all of your life.  Every last bit. Despite the longings of your heart and despite satan’s attempts to make you think you need something to complete you.

We all don’t have something. But joy is still there to be found as we continue to seek our dreams. Touch it. Feel it. Find it.

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