Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sometimes People Just Need Someone To Talk To

I was walking in the parking lot, heading into the grocery store when I was stopped by a man who started talking to me out of the blue. He proceeded to tell me about how his girlfriend used to cook for him all of the time, but he’d been gone for awhile and now that he was back, she only cooked for herself. So, he thought he’d go to the store and buy some chili fixins and start cooking for himself. He didn’t want to put up with not being cooked for anymore.

His story. It all unfolded in the middle of the parking lot. I was caught unaware and initially was ready to get annoyed. I had things to do. Groceries to get. Lots to do at home. And he stopped me to tell me that his girlfriend wouldn’t cook for him?

Then God prompted my heart with these words – “Sometimes, people just need someone to talk to.” And with that, I smiled, and encouraged the man to keep on cooking.

He probably just wanted someone to listen. Not everyone has that. Not everyone has someone to talk to. They are lonely. And maybe he was lonely, especially now that his girlfriend wasn’t cooking for him anymore. Maybe he felt unloved?

I have known 4 people in my life who have committed suicide. Each one had their own individual reasons for doing so, but I can tell you, that each one of them was cared for. I wasn’t in their heads, but I’m guessing that they felt alone. Maybe they just needed someone to listen and understand. Maybe they just needed someone to talk to?

I think we’d have less violence in this world against society, and against ourselves individually, if more people felt less alone. If more people felt like they had someone to talk to.

Even if that person is a stranger.

If the least I can do is spend two minutes in a grocery store parking lot listening and encouraging someone in their own independence, then I should do it. For it’s so little.

And I’m thankful I was reminded of that.

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