Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Someone Treats You, Can Affect Your Whole Day

We are creatures of emotion. As much as some of us would love to deny the fact that our emotions affect us, they do. In fact, I’d venture to guess that your emotions affect who you are, what choices you make, and how you feel about yourself.

If you live in an unstable home environment, it affects you. How your spouse, your parents, or your children treat you, affects you. It can color your whole mood and your whole day.

I don’t happen to live in an unstable home environment, thankfully. But I still know that how my family treats me, affects my mood, my outlook, and my attitude each day; especially when my feelings are hurt. I tend to be more irritable and grouchy. I get mad at traffic easier and I’m less gracious and accommodating of others when I’m running errands.

I judge people quicker. 

When I feel as if life is going well and things are good between me and my husband, and my children and I are in sync, I feel like I can face almost anything when I go outside my front doors. I tend to wear a smile on my face more often and I greet others with polite manners. I am more forgiving and understanding when others make mistakes.

All because of how I feel.

I think that’s why it is so important to treat others with love, respect, and tenderness. Oftentimes, we can be gruff with each other and harsh – hurting and wounding each other in ways that go deeper than we think or understand. Hurting people hurt people and it starts with how they were treated by someone else.

I can look at people differently if I look deeper than their outward façade. If they fail to smile, are they bothered by something? Did someone they love wound them with a comment? Are they feeling unappreciated?  Is that maybe why they didn’t pay attention to my dinner order in the manner that they should have? Is that perhaps why that teen picks on others? So that he can try to release the anger and hurt that he has bottled up inside?

We live in a hurting world. People are hurting from so many things. Our homes need to be a safe place. They need to be a shelter from the storm.  We need to nurture, love, and cherish each other in our own homes, so that we have the joy, love, contentment, and understanding that will spill over from us onto others, when we go outside our front door.

Children who feel loved, will love on others. Teens who feel accepted, will accept others. Families who exchange kind and gentle words…. will offer them to those they meet.

What we learn, we teach. What we’ve been given, we tend to give.

So let’s be kind to one another. Especially those who live inside of our four walls at home. Give each other grace and space at times. I never want my spouse or children to have a bad day because of something I said to them. I know it’s happened, but I can do my best to avoid it happening again. I love them. And I want them to feel it.

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