Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun In Pennsylvania

We went to Philadelphia today.  We stopped in some Amish country and it was gorgeous. We got so excited to see the Amish buggies and people. I wanted to take pictures and everyone was laughing at me because they’d ask me if I got a picture and I’d say, “I missed it,” or “it was blurry!”  It was because I was so nervous to offend the Amish people that I didn’t want them to catch me taking a picture!

We did stop at a little stand and buy some fresh blueberries from an Amish man. They were very good and he was sweet. It was fun to talk to him for a minute. He tried to get me to buy more – tomatoes or potatoes but I explained to him that we were on a road trip and I just couldn’t use them at that time. But if I lived near them? I’d definitely be buying their produce – it all looked so good.

We also stopped at a little store and I was close to buying what I thought was a little zip bag made by an Amish woman only to discover it had a “made in India” tag on it. That didn’t work for me so I passed.

We preceded on into Philadelphia. We got recommendations from the visitor center of where somewhere decent to eat lunch was nearby and my husband had his first Philly Cheese Steak. I just had a BLT and shared some excellent fries with him.

Then we went on to wait in a super long line for the Liberty Bell where a girl behind me touched one of my curls. I felt it, turned around and she looked at me really oddly and acted nonchalant about the whole thing. And so did her friends as I looked at them. I found it really odd that someone would reach out and touch a complete stranger’s hair! Not that it hurt me or anything – it’s just not something I would do.

We then went in and saw the Liberty Bell.  I always wish I could just sit and stare at pieces of history like this for awhile. All by myself. Just look and ponder. But alas, the majority of other visitors wouldn’t let me and we went on our way.

After taking a wrong turn and getting back on track, we found our way to Elfreth’s Alley. Supposedly the oldest street in the country. It was so adorable! A tiny little cobblestone street with darling houses on it. Super cute and I could just picture myself back in time. 

We also walked past Christ Church which was where Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and 15 other people who signed the Declaration of Independence attended church. Can you imagine? I’m thinking that Pastor might have been quite inspirational to speak to so many influential people! Two other stops we made that we simply stumbled upon were Betsy Ross’s house and Benjamin Franklin’s grave.

It was a fun day and we enjoyed the outside sunshine. Even though it was warm, it wasn’t near as hot as Washington DC yesterday!

Tomorrow we drive into NYC and we will be there on the 4th of July. I’m very nervous about traffic, security, and just being in that city with a quadrillion million other people. But I know it will also be exciting.  It’s hard to comprehend that we are on the other side of the states from home.

Such a diverse nation. 


Tracey said...

I pray you are having safe travels and fun adventures and great memory making! Blessings to you and yours!

Dionna said...

Thank you for your kind words, Tracey! We are definitely making great memories and safe so far. But lots of traffic here and there!