Monday, November 12, 2012

When God's Dream and My Dream Line Up

I have dreams for my life. Longings. Desires. Ambitions. Personal wishes closely-held  in my heart.

Sometimes I worry that they are growing too big. Taking up too much space and time inside of me. I don’t want them to rule my life – and yet there, they lurk. Never budging.

Sometimes they grow quieter for a season. But they don’t shrink.  They remind me again and again that they are still there – waiting to be realized.

When everything in me wants to do God’s will, these longings and dreams can be troublesome for a girl like me. One who worries that they are simply mine – and not God’s wishes for my life.

Have you been there? Have you analyzed your own head and heart? Wondering if what sits in there is for you and you alone or if it’s something God has planted there?

 I go there often….to those thoughts.

There is only one thing I can do. Instead of always asking God to fulfill my wishes, prayers, and dreams – I can ask Him to make HIS wishes, plans, and dreams my own. I can ask Him to let me see what HE sees. Prioritize what HE prioritizes. And desire what HE desires for my life.

Then, our dreams line up.

His dreams of how to use me, BECOME my own dreams. His wishes for my life become MY wishes for my life. And they merge so that I can not only fulfill the calling He has placed on me, but I can want it, love it, and embrace it. Knowing that the dreams and longing I have AREN’T just humanly and selfishly sitting there for me alone. But that HE has placed them there for me.

And I can truly be excited.

At peace.

And free to dream them. Knowing that in His perfect timing – they will come true at last.


Mary said...

I hear and understand...
I have a few dreams tucked away in my heart, are they God's dreams, desires for me...I hold them with open hands and heart, waiting...willing to let them go if not.

Grace and peace

Dionna said...

Hugs to you, Mary. And here's hoping God doesn't ask you to let those dreams go.... :)

Mary said...

I have come to know that if he does, it really is for my best, it may not feel like it, but he has the better view of my future.
So, I keep asking, as I learn to be content in the waiting.