Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Don't Have To Be Overwhelmed

This world can be overwhelming at times. The crime, the economy, the bad news. It can bring doubts, despair, depression.

But we don’t have to be overwhelmed. We don’t have to feel bombarded.  We can have peace, hope, and joy despite hard times and tough things going on in the world.

We just need to stay plugged into Jesus Christ.

God is bigger than all of it. He’s stronger. More powerful. Wiser. Loving. And He has our personal needs, dreams, and desires in mind.

We don’t have to be overwhelmed.

Problems will always be there. Death will always come. Disasters will always loom. But God will be right there in the midst of it all. Waiting. Opening His arms. Performing miracles. Loving us.

If we can take our eyes off of the things around us that plague us and lift our vision up to Him – we can see a different perspective. Feel a different direction. And be renewed. Revived. Restored.

No, we don’t have to be overwhelmed.


Mark said...

thanks for the encouragement!


Dionna said...

I try. :)